Katy Requests a Ministerial Meeting on HMS Dasher

Katy has requested in Parliament that the Secretary of State for Defence meet with survivors and family members of those who lost their lives when HMS Dasher sank off the coast of Ardrossan on 27th March 1943. Katy raised the issue in Defence Questions this week, 69 years after the Dasher sunk. 379 of the 528 Royal Navy Avenger class aircraft carrier crew died in the incident. Katy attended the HMS Dasher Association’s AGM on 24th March 2012 and last month arranged for the Association to meet with her in Parliament.

Speaking on the subject Katy said “Many questions surrounding the sinking of HMS Dasher remain unanswered. Survivors and relatives of those who died are particularly keen to know exactly what caused the ship to sink in 1943 as well as to learn what happened to the bodies which were brought on shore of those who had died. I have entered into correspondence about these matters with every Prime Minister since I was elected in 2005 however a number of documents surrounding the events of 27th March 1943 remain classified by the Ministry of Defence. The answers may be in these files and if they are I believe they should be made public. We are trying to get the files released as after 69 years I cannot see why there would be any national security reason for them to be kept secret.  ”

“I am delighted that the Minister for Defence, Personnel, Welfare and Veterans has agreed to my request to meet with representatives from the HMS Dasher Association and hope that by the Minister meeting with survivors and the families of those who died will lead to the full facts surrounding the tragedy to finally come to light.”